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FAPE Board member Harriette Levine provided her interior decorating skills pro bono to refurbish the U.S. Embassy Residence in Warsaw in 1991. She selected works of art from FAPE’s permanent collection, including John Baldessari’s Two Sets (One With Bench).

In 1991, FAPE Board member, Harriette Levine, oversaw the renovation of the representational spaces at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence in Warsaw, a Georgian Colonial-style mansion. A survey of the residence revealed the property’s worn conditions, and it was unclear that little work beyond basic maintenance had been done in its almost 30-year existence.

Mrs. Levine undertook the refurbishing of the representational rooms, utilizing American and European goods and the talents of local craftspeople, with the goal of illuminating the spaces and easing maintenance. Czechoslovakian crystal chandeliers and native Polish marble on the floors were installed. Walnut-stained oak from nearby Austria was ordered for paneling the library. Chairs and sofas were reupholstered, doorways to the main living room were widened, and the flow and appearance of the residence was brightened and brought up to date. Members of FAPE’s Fine Arts Committee selected works of art including works by artists Donald Judd, John Baldessari, Frank Stella, among others.

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