Allow your aspiring artist to explore the world through FAPE’s interactive coloring and sticker kit. Visit countries from China to Greece while learning about the United States’ greatest artists. Perfect as a birthday, holiday or “just because” gift, FAPE’s coloring kit is available for $40.00 USD, shipping and handling included.

Each FAPE Coloring Kit contains:

  • Coloring book complete with 16 images of FAPE’s Site-Specific Collection
  • Map and sticker set
  • 8 pack of Crayola Crayons
  • FAPE Site-Specific Catalogue

To Purchase:

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About the Designers

FAPE’s Coloring Kit represents a colorful collaboration between artists Donald Robertson and EunSun Lee of CMYK+WHITE, INC. Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson is the creative force behind Estée Lauder Company Brands and Creative Director of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Many individuals may also recognize him for his colorful and whimsical illustrations commonly found on Instagram. Similar in nature to Robertson, CMYK+WHITE, INC. is known for creating unique design solutions for a wide range of clientele. Their passion for stimulating and inspiring individuals has led them to create beautiful graphic, motion, and interactive designs.

Robertson and Lee

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